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Fine VRAI created diamond jewelry for the individuals by your side this day and every day.

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Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Most popular bridesmaid jewelry gifts

How to buy bridesmaid jewelry gifts

Our guide to finding the bridesmaid jewelry that's right for you.

The best bridesmaid jewelry gifts are effortless yet elegant. Consider selecting timeless designs that your closest friends will keep for a lifetime, such as Solitaire necklaces and studs.

Both the Tiny Station, Bezel Station Necklaces and Bezel bracelets are popular bridesmaid choices as well, as they are light and add the perfect amount of shine to any wedding party look. Bezel Earrings or Bezel Drop Huggie Hoops are also often sought after as they add elegance to your special occasion, but are also great for everyday wear.

Floral designs, such as the Perennial Necklace, the Petal Cuff, and the Trellis Ring from VRAI x Style Me Pretty continue to grow in popularity as bridesmaid gifts.

The best bridesmaid earrings are lightweight and easy to wear throughout the day. Perennial Studs from the VRAI x Style Me Pretty collection are perfect for a floral-themed wedding. Versatile and timeless Bezel Earrings or Bezel Drop Huggie Hoops are also sure to please everyone in your party.

Gifting a bridesmaid jewelry set that includes matching earrings and bracelets is a popular way to style those in your wedding party. Consider pairing together VRAI x Style Me Pretty matching designs, such as the Perennial Studs and Perennial Cuff for a beautifully-coordinated look

Other options for matching bridesmaid jewelry sets include pairing Solitaire or Bezel necklaces and studs.

The Perennial Cuff and Petal Cuff from the VRAI x Style Me Pretty collection pair perfectly with a more floral-themed wedding. The cuffs are designed to be worn together, but can also be worn as solo pieces. Bezel or Bezel Station Bracelets are also classic designs that will compliment any style and can easily be incorporated into their everyday look for years to come.

When it comes to bridesmaid necklaces, just the right amount of shine can go a long way. The VRAI x Style Me Pretty Perennial Necklace is a beautiful compliment to a delicate bridesmaid look. Other favorite options include the Bezel Station Necklace, available in three different diamond shapes, or the Tiny Station Necklace, available in 14k solid yellow, white, or rose gold.

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Lab-grown Diamond Bridesmaid Gifts FAQ

Bridesmaids often wear the same jewelry and style of dress, but matching is not obligatory. Many prefer to choose fine jewelry that compliments what the bride or couple are wearing. Usually, this means selecting one color of gold for all wedding-day jewelry. That choice usually starts with the color of the engagement ring or wedding bands.

How you ask someone to be a part of your wedding party is entirely up to you. Asking can be as simple or as elaborate as you want the overall wedding experience to be. The process usually starts with making a list of the friends and family you want standing by your side on this special day. Afterwards, many choose to meet face to face with their loved ones to formally ask.

A growing trend is to offer a bridesmaid proposal box with a handwritten letter or card, as well as small gifts. After the bridesmaid says yes, they are connected with other members of the bridal party so that trying on dresses or wedding day attire, coordinating pre-nuptial celebrations, and other organizational details can be streamlined.

If you decide to offer a bridesmaid proposal box, the most important thing to include is a letter or card formally asking the person to join your wedding party. Many like to include small gifts perfectly tailored to that individual, from their favorite chocolates to a scented candle they’re sure to love.

If you’ve already chosen jewelry you’d like them to wear during the ceremony, this would be an ideal time to gift it to them. If you are waiting to choose bridesmaid jewelry together, consider offering them a small keepsake to wear throughout this planning period, such as a Bezel Ring, Pavé Huggie Hoops, or an Inner Fire Medallion.

The exact amount you spend on a bridesmaid gift depends on your overall budget. It will also depend on if you plan to purchase their wedding day attire and pay for hair and makeup. Your bridesmaids will likely be helping you throughout your engagement, as well as hosting pre-nuptial events like bridal showers, so offering them a thank you gift is important. Consider spending between 1-2% of your overall budget for each member of your wedding party.

By selecting fine jewelry featuring diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry, as well as platinum or recycled solid gold, your bridesmaid jewelry gifts are a reflection of your values and style.

The lab-grown diamonds featured in each design are free from human or environmental toll — which means you can enjoy their beauty, guilt-free.