Pear shaped engagement rings

Also known as Teardrop rings, Pear cut engagement rings combine Round and Marquise VRAI created diamonds into a timelessly elegant shape.

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Expert advice

Expert advice

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

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Pear shape engagement rings FAQ

Because of its elongated shape, dramatic peak, and asymmetrical form, a pear cut engagement ring can be worn in different ways. Many choose a traditional north-south (or vertical) setting, and wear the north-south engagement ring so that the peak points up the finger. Turning the ring so that the peak points down is also an option, especially in Signature V or Hover settings.

Another way to wear a pear cut ring is in an east-west (horizontal) setting. The pear will appear to wrap around the top of your finger, creating a bold and abstract look. Choose to wear your own pear cut engagement ring in the way that is most beautiful and comfortable to you.

A pear-shaped engagement ring is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and elegant option. Pears offer remarkable sparkle, appear larger than round shapes of the same size, and are less common, making them a beautiful and distinctive choice for an engagement ring.

A pear-shaped engagement ring is a captivating symbol of individuality and strong-mindedness. Its unique teardrop shape expresses tears of joy and romance, making it a truly eye-catching piece of jewelry that garners attention wherever you go.

For optimal security of your pear-shaped diamond, consider setting it with six prongs. This arrangement consists of one prong at the diamond's base, two on each side (four in total), and one at the very tip.

The pear cut ring can pose a unique challenge when it comes to creating a wedding ring set. Its elongated shape and point can bump up against or scratch an additional ring, depending on the setting.

When it comes to a traditional pear Solitaire Engagement Ring, it’s important to choose bands that will pair flush. Round, Flat, or Infinity bands are usually slim enough to line up with the ring with ease.

An open-cuff design can often fit nicely around the pointed edge of a pear diamond. But the slight dip of the Chevron Band or dramatic plunge of a Signature V Band are ideal and a popular choice for stacking with this shape.

You can match your pear shaped engagement ring with a wedding ring based on style or metal color. For Solitaire, Halo, Toi et Moi, or Three Stone engagement rings, for example, choose a petit Eternity, Infinity, or Devotion band in matching platinum or solid gold for the perfect pair.

For certain engagement settings, like the Signature V or Curator, consider pairing with their matching wedding band styles.

Speak with VRAI’s design experts for a custom-designed engagement ring. Tell them your ideas for a bespoke pear cut setting — whether it’s adding a halo or featuring a Knife-Edge Band, for example. They’ll help you understand which custom details are possible, then guide you through the white-glove design process.

Choosing a pear shaped diamond engagement ring means that you are romantic and whimsical. The pear is a fancy shape, which differentiates it from the traditional round. Pear engagement rings are for individuals who want to stand apart with a diamond shape true to their dramatic or flirtatious nature.

Pear shaped diamonds and Teardrop diamonds are the exact same thing. The two names are interchangeable. A Teardrop engagement ring is the same as a Pear shaped diamond engagement ring.Many jewelry brands will choose which name they use for their inventory. VRAI refers to Teardrop diamonds as Pear.