Halo engagement rings

A beloved setting named for VRAI created pavé diamonds circling a center stone.

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Expert advice

Expert advice

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Most popular Halo engagement rings

How to buy a Halo engagement ring

Our guide to finding the Halo engagement ring that’s right for you.

A Halo engagement ring is a ring whose center stone is surrounded by a circle — or “halo”— of smaller diamonds. Although variations can occur, particularly with custom-designed rings, most Halo engagement rings are solitaire rings. This means the halo surrounds a single diamond or gemstone.

VRAI offers Halo and Hidden Halo settings. Each setting is customizable; you may choose from ten different diamond shapes, four different metal colors, and pavé or plain settings. This means that for Halo alone, there are eighty different variations on the same style so you can find the exact look that’s right for you.

Speak with our diamond experts for a custom-designed engagement ring. Tell them your ideas for a custom Halo setting. They’ll help you understand which custom details are possible, then guide you through the white-glove design process.

Oval Halo engagement rings This diamond shape not only adds classic elegance to the Halo’s overall look, but also maximizes carat weight. Cushion cut Halo engagement rings The curved edges of this pillow-like shape are both modern and vintage-inspired at the same time. Round Halo engagement rings The added halo of diamonds adds even more shine to this classic diamond shape cut to perfectly catch every ray of light. Emerald cut Halo engagement rings

Emerald-shaped diamonds are highly sought after for their linear elegance and intriguing step-cut facets.

Pear cut Halo engagement rings A [Pear-shaped ](/engagement-rings/pear-cut) VRAI created diamond in a Halo setting creates a look that is romantic and vintage-inspired. Princess cut Halo engagement rings Their equilateral sides and large, open table create an unforgettable display of light, which is then amplified with an added halo of diamonds.

By selecting a Halo engagement ring featuring diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry, as well as platinum or recycled solid gold, you are celebrating your values alongside your love. The sustainably created diamond featured in your setting is free from human or environmental toll — which means you can enjoy its beauty, guilt-free.

Halo engagement rings FAQ

A halo engagement ring setting features a center diamond surrounded by a collection of smaller round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. These pavé stones enhance the ring's beauty by reflecting light and drawing attention to the central diamond. The halo setting symbolizes the idea of your love illuminating and capturing the spotlight.

Yes, a diamond halo enhances the appearance of the center stone, making it seem larger, regardless of the carat size. This makes Halo settings a popular choice to maximize the value of your engagement ring.

The first rule to consider when it’s time to buy an engagement ring is your budget. Therefore, the size of a Halo engagement ring depends on your carat weight of the diamond you’ve budgeted for. Depending on your diamond shape, you can choose from a 0.50 carat all the way up to a 6 carat diamond. The extra halo of diamonds around your center stone, however, will make your solitaire diamond appear bigger.

A Hidden Halo engagement ring is a modern update of the classic Halo setting. The same principle applies to both Halo and Hidden Halo settings — small diamonds circle around a solitaire diamond.

But for the Hidden Halo, these diamonds are placed inside an elevated prong setting. The halo they form is best seen from the side, instead of looking straight down, which is what gives this ring its “hidden” name.

If you cannot find the Halo setting that is right for you, or you want to add a halo to a different design — such as a Three Stone engagement ring or an East-West solitaire — then you should begin the process of creating your very own custom design. Our design experts will guide you through your options and help you discover if an added halo is possible.

The best way to find the wedding band that pairs perfectly with your Halo engagement ring is to book an appointment with our diamond experts who can guide you through the styles that will fit most comfortably with each setting.

Halo engagement rings are designed to sit flush with your wedding band. This means that most styles of wedding ring will pair perfectly with this setting. Consider a petite Eternity band, or Infinity and Devotion bands for a diamond-forward look, or a Flat or Round to highlight your metal of choice.

Engagement rings and wedding rings should be cleaned once a week to keep them shining bright and germ-free. A Halo setting can attract extra dirt, so it’s important to clean it regularly.

A simple weekly cleaning routine involves soaking your ring in a small bowl filled with warm water and a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. After thirty to forty five minutes, remove the ring and brush it gently with a soft-bristle toothbrush, then rinse and pat dry with a soft towel. VRAI's engagement rings are also eligible for a complimentary annual cleaning through our Lifetime Care Package.

While your Halo engagement ring can be worn throughout most of the day, it’s best to remove it for manual work like gardening, or for exercise that involves your hands, like weight-lifting or yoga. For comfort, you should also remove your ring while sleeping.

While halo engagement rings have recently become very popular, they actually originated in the 1920s, classifying them as a vintage setting. Despite their historical roots, halo rings remain a contemporary and sought-after trend in modern engagement jewelry.